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Wheel Alignments: Laser Straight Results

There are millions of cars on the road, driving around with bad wheel alignment. Don’t be one of them! No alarm goes off. No light comes on as a warning. But when you deal with repair and service technicians in Kelowna, specially trained to work on your European vehicle, all becomes right (and straightforward) in the world of wheel alignments.

Ensuring that your car has the correct wheel alignment has a range of benefits to both the driver and the vehicle, such as improving fuel efficiency, road handling experience, and more importantly, driver and passenger safety. The most significant impact, however, is typically on your tires and their wear. Tires are much too big of an investment to treat them this way.

Even without experiencing problems, most vehicle manufacturers recommend checking your wheel alignment every 15,000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever comes first.

At Motor Werke, we use Hunter alignment equipment, a state-of-the-art technology and innovative computer-based car alignment system. It allows our European auto experts to quickly locate wheel alignment issues in just 90 seconds.

The procedure includes chocking wheels, mounting targets, setting air pressure, rolling wheels forward to compensate sensors and scanning VIN for specs and wheel steer specifications. To start the process, our Hunter equipment allows the sensors to grip only the tire, not the wheel, due to their spring-loaded arms. Meaning, no metal on metal contact, which avoids any potential damage to the wheels.

When the vehicle is lined up and ready for its big event, the Hunter system uses a fully integrated alignment system. It links its four high-resolution cameras and wheel sensors, creating unrivaled 3D modeling of wheel positions and the most accurate alignment measurements.

We’re not done. 

The award-winning CodeLink system goes into action, which recalibrates the steering angle sensor so the Electronic Stability Control system functions properly, ensuring the safety features of your car’s stability remain at their maximum.

Details of the wheel alignment are then printed out in a user-friendly and easy to read format, helping our technicians to not only identify areas of past concern but to pass on total peace of mind for another year. Your car is now back within alignment guidelines and ready for the road.

For a glimpse into our wheel alignment process, check out this video of Derek, Pit Crew Technician, working on a Land Rover.

With Hunter alignment equipment, Motor Werke guarantees precise, laser-straight wheel alignments done right, the first time. We believe you deserve the best wheel alignment service provided by the best alignment equipment, run by the best European auto experts in Kelowna.

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