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Wheel Upgrade: 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged

This month Motor Werke had a 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged get some fresh new 1221 Apex 2.0 wheels installed.

The owner of this Rover came to us due to a very flattering referral from our friends over at Davenport Motorsports in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks for the shout out, guys!

As honored as we most certainly are to receive this commendation from such a well-regarded, high-quality shop, we also know why.

When it comes to mounting, balancing, and aligning tires, our world-class equipment is second to none when it comes to a wheel upgrade.

Hunter Road Force Elite Tire Balancer

The Road Force Elite is the industry’s fastest diagnostic balancer with a diagnostic load roller that can solve vibration problems and identify vehicle pull. It detects weight imbalance and can diagnose other causes of vibration, such as improper mounting, bead seat problems, tire and rim runout, and radial-force related issues.

Miscentering during a wheel alignment is the #1 cause of improper balancing. The Road Force Elite has Automatic Centering Check, which monitors wheel centering and notifies the technician of set up errors, eliminating improper balance.

With the enhanced SmartWeight technology, the balancer scans wheels and determines where the technician placed wheel weights and scores accuracy of placement. A report card is printed illustrating placement errors which provides enhanced accuracy and improves balance results.

Hunter Auto34S Tire Changer

The Auto34S Tire Changer is the only tire changer to use when dealing with low profile and high-end rims. The quick clamp with cam plate safely secures the wheel through the hub, while the mounting rollers gently roll the bead from the rim with no contact to the face of the rim. This ensures that your wheels remain scratch-free.

The wheel support plate accommodates a wide variety of wheels and rim diameters, providing extra gripping force with three adjustable work heights. The wheel lift safely lifts large wheels with zero effort. An improved press head allows better grip on all tires, but especially when dealing with extremely low-profile tires.

The Auto34S is simply unmatched in its efficiency to harmlessly and effortlessly change the world’s most difficult tires and wheels.

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine

This machine is the industry’s most powerful wheel alignment equipment available. It uses four high-resolution cameras to measure position and orientation with absolute accuracy.

Targets are mounted to each wheel using Quick Grip technology, featuring spring loaded arms that grip the tire. Only the protective ring contacts the rim, meaning no metal-on-metal contact, leaving your rims free of scratches and scuffs.

In-ground construction means that the alignment ramps are completely flush with the floor. Even the lowest of the low can drive on with no chance of scraping a splitter or the undercarriage.

Ready to Roll

Having the right equipment makes all the difference in doing a job properly. The 1221 Apex 2.0 rims with custom brushed gloss red barrels were equipped with tires, balanced, fitted on the Rover, and aligned to perfection.

This customer can cruise down the road in style and with peace of mind, knowing that only the best and most innovative equipment and techniques were used!

Interested in getting your wheels upgraded, mounted and balanced using our top-of-the-line equipment? Contact the wheel upgrade specialists to schedule an appointment and see the Motor Werke difference in action.