Little Leaks Cause Big Troubles for Audi TT

Who wouldn’t want this kind of handling when traveling the winding Okanagan roads? This car is pure, sporty fun.
This particular Audi TT’s joy rides came to a halt when its Check Engine Light came on.

2010 Audi TT Transmission Repair

No One Wants To Hear That There Is Something Wrong With Their Car, Especially When It Comes To The Transmission.
The owner of this 2010 Audi TT Quattro 4-cylinder TFSI 2 L started to feel a difference in the shift pattern when driving, and so he promptly brought his car to us with some concern. A test drive showed the somewhat erratic shifting,

Audi RS4 Brake & Suspension Upgrade 

Brakes aren’t always the most talked about upgrade, but if you want your car to go fast, you will most likely want it to stop effectively as well.
Our customer came in with concerns about squealing brakes and clunking in the suspension when driving his 2008 Audi RS4. We discovered worn brake discs and leaking struts/shocks.