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Fuel Injector Leads More Ponies to Golf

How often do you think about your fuel injectors? We thought so. Here at Motor Werke, we think about them a lot! Good quality fuel and fuel system cleaners are the best ways to avoid problems not only with fuel injectors but with many parts on your European vehicle. However, even for the most diligent car owner, issues still pop up out of nowhere.

With the stop and go traffic throughout the Okanagan Valley, symptoms of an unhealthy car can actually be easier to hear, feel, see, and even smell.  Fuel injectors are some of the most common parts requiring replacement on a vehicle and if you know to watch for, you can avoid bigger problems.

The main symptom of a faulty fuel injector:

You see the Check-Engine Light. Usually, when something goes wrong with your fuel injector, the dreaded check engine light glares back at you from the dashboard. Your car is not happy. A professional auto technician should be called into the situation as we have the proper tools and technology to communicate with the car’s control modules in a timely and efficient manner.

Motor Werke’s European auto experts always perform a thorough examination ensuring no other parts have been affected by what is making the engine sick.  By detecting fuel injector issues early on, it may cut your repair bill in half.

Other symptoms of a faulty fuel injector:

  • Starting issues
  • Poor idle
  • Failed emissions
  • Poor Performance
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Rough running engine
  • Surging and bucking under various throttle loads
  • Smoke from the tailpipe
  • Engine Knock

Unfortunately, this 2016 Golf R succumbed to its symptoms and came to us on a tow truck.

It had an over fueling issue due to a faulty injector that caused extensive damage to one of the pistons. Only one thing to do – the engine had to come apart, and our highly skilled techs started doing what they do best.

They disassembled the engine and checked the cylinders. After finding out they could be machined out to fit 83mm upgraded pistons, we sent the block over to the machine shop. Upgraded connecting rods, rod bearings, and main bearings were installed.

We then pressed the pause button on the work to make a call to the customer.

Why do we stop working on the vehicle to contact the customer, you ask? Everything seems to be going fine with the project so far.

Because our shop does things a little differently. 

As a customer, you are informed of all work before we do it. You make the final decisions about your vehicle. We stick to a policy of full transparency and include you every step of the way.

When we dug deeper into this project, we saw more improvements that could be done to really make this customer happy and up their driving experience.  So, we made the call and the customer gave us the go-ahead to install a larger turbo. Not just any turbo, but a CTS BOSS 600 turbo package. You know it’s going to be awesome when it says “boss” right in the name!!

To run this kind of BOSS power/boost, we also had to upgrade the fuel system. A high-pressure fuel pump internal kit, a low-pressure stage 3 fuel pump, and a custom tune were installed making this Golf R one hell of a sleeper.

It looks like your average Golf R…but with more ponies hiding under the hood.

Suspect a faulty fuel injector in your vehicle? Remember what we said! Early detection is key. Bring it to the European auto experts at Motor Werke where we invest in the latest diagnostic and repair technology to save you money and ensure long-lasting, quality work.

Every car. Every time.  Book an appointment for your European vehicle today!