The Snap-on ZEUS Scanner Explained

Have you ever wondered how technicians are able to diagnose and repair even the most elusive problems on your vehicle within hours, or even minutes? As years go on and technology improves, modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex. Perhaps a bit too complex for those who grew up working on carbureted engines, and only knew air conditioning and power steering to be luxury features. Miles of wiring and countless plugs and sensors litter the engine bays of today’s vehicles. To the untrained and unequipped, it may as well be a spaceship. When dealing with the various engine management, adaptive suspension and active safety systems, you need more than a screwdriver and a handful of wrenches to solve many very common issues.

With over a century of development in the field, Snap-on has provided industry leading diagnostic technology to automotive service providers such as Motor Werke. The top of the line ZEUS diagnostic system is the culmination of all those years of research and development.

technician using zeus scanner

What can the ZEUS Scanner do?

“What can’t it do?” is a more fitting question. The ZEUS system is more than your typical $30 Amazon code reader. It’s capable of anything from pulling simple codes and checking fluid levels, to diagnosing issues across multiple systems, and re-calibrating the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are becoming more and more common. After scanning a vehicle, the Smart Data system will automatically sort through and display the relevant data parameters for the fault code it detects.

The Intelligent Diagnostics will then guide the technician through the steps they need to take to get to the root of the problem, while avoiding the steps they don’t. Many sensors will need to be relearned after being replaced, such as tire pressure, throttle position, camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, and the sensors at the top of the windshield that are responsible for lane keeping and lane departure alert systems. Having access to such a powerful tool that can perform any and all computer related tasks is paramount for our team to be able to provide the best service experience possible.

zeus scanner

How does the ZEUS scanner benefit me?

As a customer, your main concerns are typically going to be: The cost of the repair, the amount of time your vehicle spends in the shop, and trust that it is in the right hands. This is where having a state-of-the-art diagnostic and calibration tool such as the ZEUS is key. With this system, all of these concerns are addressed. The time and cost tend to go hand in hand, so by keeping the time spent on each vehicle to a minimum, the cost will follow. This, however, does not mean that your vehicle is going to be rushed through as fast as possible just to keep things moving along.

With the ZEUS system, our technicians are able to complete the full repair with great care and attention to detail, while minimizing time spent checking irrelevant parameters and information. You can be certain that your vehicle will be cared for the right way, in a timely manner. Every car, every time.