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Proper Tire Storage

Keeping Rubber off the Road

Heat and exposure to the elements influence your tires’ aging process. You can slow it down by following a few tips for seasonal tire storage.

While tires will age somewhat regardless of what safeguards are taken, these guidelines will help slow the process compared to taking no precautions at all.

Preparing for Tire Storage

Clean off each tire with soap and water and a tire brush to remove brake dust, dirt and grime. For tires still on wheels, use a wheel brush and an approved cleaner while making sure wheels and tires are completely air dried before storing.

Place each clean and dry tire in its own large, opaque, airtight plastic bag* (such as lawn and garden bags) for storing. Use a vacuum cleaner to draw out as much air as possible, then close the bag tightly and tape it shut. This helps reduce oil evaporation from the compound of the tire, therefore extending tire life.

*Seasonal Tire Totes do make it easier to store, transport and carry your tires; however, they are not airtight or designed to prevent exposure to the atmosphere. At Motor Werke we recommended placing each clean tire and wheel into the airtight plastic bag and then covering the sealed bag with a Tire Tote.

Storing Your Tires

Ultraviolet rays will harm your tires so keep them out of direct sunlight. The UV rays plus the radiant heat are harmful to rubber.

Place the tires in a cool, dry location, like a dry basement or climate-controlled workshop. Garages, attics, sheds and outdoor locations have a wide range of hot and cold temperatures, as well as seasonal precipitation and humidity.

Keep your tires away from all sources of ozone. Electric motors that use contact brushes generate ozone, as do furnaces, sump pumps, etc.

Don’t store a vehicle with weight on its tires for extended periods of time. Those weekly drives keep the tires flexed and help maintain oil dispersion within the rubber compounds.

Tire compounds are formulated to resist ozone cracking or weather checking. At Motor Werke we use the highest quality tire dressings to prolong life while in tire storage and beyond.

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