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The Ultimate Volkswagen Repair Guide

Since its beginnings in Berlin, Germany in 1937, the Volkswagen group has developed a consistent, loyal following of owners who choose VW time and time again because they fall in love with the classic styling and design. VW owners typically border on fanatical in their love of their cars. We understand, because in our experience as Kelowna’s Volkswagen repair specialists, they’re excellent vehicles. Every make and model of VW we have seen has been well-designed and engineered to last over the long haul.

When the time comes to servicing a client’s Volkswagen, our technicians provide expert diagnostics that go above and beyond following the VW’s scheduled maintenance guidelines. Motor Werke understands the attention to detail typically appreciated by fans of German engineered vehicles, and we offer the following guidelines to help you understand areas where you can assist in keeping your VW on the road for many years to come.

Getting to Know Your Volkswagen

The VW line includes something for everyone with the Beetle, CC, Eos, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, Touareg and more. From small and zippy to spacious and stately, Volkswagen has something for everyone. Perhaps the greatest thing about the VW is the sturdy yet refined design.

There is a maintenance schedule put forth by the manufacturer for every vehicle, and Volkswagen is no exception. In addition to keeping up that schedule, Volkswagen repair specialists, like us, believe you should consider the following maintenance items too:

  • Replacing the dust and pollen filter every other year
  • Replacing the tire filler bottle in the mobility set every four years
  • Replacing the sparks plugs and tire pressure sensors every six years

If you ignore all of the above, there’s one Volkswagen repair we cannot stress the importance of enough: replacing the timing belt on time. Failure to do so can lead to engine damage.

The repair needs of your VW will vary based on your driving habits and the terrain you cover, so be sure to discuss your needs thoroughly with your automotive service technician. Your repair schedule may vary based on your specific requirements, except the part about the timing belt; we’re totally serious about that – don’t wait!

Recent Volkswagen News

As of late, Volkswagen has been in the news for, shall we say, less than fantastic reasons. The advertising claims around the emissions for their diesel vehicles were found to be false. It is our firm belief that this particular automobile brand can overcome the controversy and reclaim their place at the top of the recommended vehicle lists once again.

At Motor Werke, caring for European auto brands is more than a passing fad; it’s what we were built to do and that makes us your #1 choice in Volkswagen service and repair specialists! We’re proud to offer the OEM parts required to properly service your Volkswagen, and will take the time to explain the reasons behind every recommended repair or part replacement.

Contact your Volkswagen repair specialists to schedule an appointment and see the Motor Werke difference in action.