Tech inspecting Audi on lift

Little Leaks Cause Big Troubles for Audi TT

The Audi TT hit the market in 1998, looking like nothing else on the road. Its overall rounded shape perfectly flattering the unique wheel arches grabbed a massive amount of attention around the world, creating positive vibes for this hot new style of car. The Washington Post even reported that the Audi TT is “akin to writing with the finest, most perfectly balanced pen.”

Who wouldn’t want that kind of handling when traveling the winding Okanagan roads? This car is pure, sporty fun.

This particular Audi TT’s joy rides came to a halt when its Check Engine Light came on. The driver noticed a rough running engine and understandably concerned, called our Motor Werke Audi auto experts.

A quick visual inspection led us to perform a smoke test on the intake system.  A smoke test involves hooking up a machine to apply light pressure to the system while filling the space with fog/smoke. The smoke shows us exactly where leaks are occurring, pointing out even the smallest of cracks that could have been easily missed by simply pressurizing the system with air.

The test confirmed an air leak in the air intake system. But with so many conditions that can cause a leak, our technicians had to answer the big question. Why?

Even the best-made cars start to show their age after a while. Many of this Audi TT’s crankcase breather lines had dried up, becoming brittle, crumbling apart and causing air leaks.

The leaks were completely throwing the engine off its game! It couldn’t do its job of monitoring how much air is pulled into the engine. Therefore, the engine was calculating the wrong air/fuel mixture.  When something messes with the air/fuel mixture, you’ll feel the rough running of the engine and experience low fuel economy. Our expertly trained Audi auto technicians removed the old, brittle parts and installed updated silicone style hoses with aluminum fittings. By eliminating all issues due to these nasty leaks, this Audi TT is back on the road, hugging those Okanagan curves.

The repairs to your vehicle are done right and on time because we share the same passion for our customers’ cars as they do. Every car. Every time.

Rough running engine? It may be a leak in the air intake system! Our Audi car experts will diagnose the issue correctly and walk you through the entire repair process. We even offer a three-year warranty on all of our work. Contact us today!